Our Commitment

The Morinaga Milk Brand

We are committed to always providing our customers with appealing products and services to create the enjoyment that comes to family and friends when they share something delicious.


Brand Statement

Morinaga Milk is committed to providing consumers the best possible products by...
- ensuring the utmost quality
- using the most up-to-date technology
- creating healthful, delicious experiences

Three Brand Values


Morinaga Milk delivers delicious, reliable products to our customers.
Behind these products is our dedication to quality. Operating under a strict quality control system with advanced technology, we rigorously monitor every process, from raw material and packaging material procurement to product production and sales, to ensure sure no defect, anomaly or error goes uncorrected.

We have created a number of quality education and certification programs so that each and every one of our employees is keenly aware of how quality is always the top priority. As a part of our system, we also train valued employees to hold a sense of personal responsibility for quality and maintain a high degree of technical expertise in quality management.
The Morinaga Milk quality management system, its technology and the people who support them ensure quality in every way. We implement measures to maintain the highest standards so we can deliver reliability and deliciousness.


Since Morinaga Milk first sold infant formula in the 1920s, we have sought the secrets of breast milk, so vital to our children's lives, tirelessly conducting research to bring out the maximum potential of our infant formulas.

Today, we have extended our R&D capacity from our familiar dairy products to a variety of forms, including such medical-type products as dietary supplements and liquid foods. Among our many accomplishments, our research and development work in functional ingredients includes probiotics with Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and the use of lactoferrin, advances that have been recognized around the world for excellence.

To continue delivering good health and active living to our customers around the world, we will continue challenging ourselves to push the limits of today and tomorrow.


In ways our customers may not realize, Morinaga Milk works behind the scenes toward a better lifestyle. Using independent thinking and advanced technology developed exclusively at Morinaga Milk, we have developed new product applications and lifestyle solutions with our products.

Two examples are a dairy creamer with a unique drying process and a ready-to-drink chilled coffee sold in a specially designed insulating container to ensure freshness. This container allows customers to enjoy the beverage's great taste at any time, any place.

This is the spirit we continue to employ in producing new ideas and new products that our customers come to love and expect.
As we visualize what people will expect in the world of tomorrow, we move our technology forward to meet and exceed those expectations.